Rogue Society putting the tang in artisan gin

Canterbury-based gin producer Rogue Society is shaking up the premium liquor market. Co-founder Daniel McLaughlin weighs in on how important product design is in this competitive retail industry.

Rogue Society Gin is a super-premium gin from the bottom of the world. We launched just under three years ago, after two years of development.

We’ve always had a huge passion for gin. We used to get together and drink a lot of gin from around the world and there wasn’t heaps on the market that reflected who we were as gin drinkers.

In 2014, when we launched Rogue Society, we got a Gold Pin at the NZ Best Awards for its packaging and design. A Gold Pin means it is the very best in class in any packaging across any category and any product. To receive this award is something we are very proud off.

We also use glacier waters from the Southern Alps which gives us a unique point of difference. We’re slightly more citrus forward than a lot other gin brands on the market, we’re distilled in a handbeaten 19th century John Dore copper pot still which is quite unique, and I guess the brand has a some what modern approach to a traditional category.

The total gin category in New Zealand is around 120,000 cases of gin, whereas the UK is about two and half million cases of gin, so it’s a much bigger market by scale. (Read More…)


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