Begin Distilling – gin distillery in the heart of New Plymouth

Dave and Jo James have three core business values: make it fun, make it together and make it right.

The Taranaki couple are on the cusp of launching their line of boutique London-style gin, distilled in New Plymouth using ingredients grown and sourced in Taranaki and throughout New Zealand.

Their “make it right” attitude comes from their experience working in the food industry, Dave says. Sustainability is important to both of us and making it right the first time ticks all the boxes, he says.

They would offer their gin in 200ml and 700ml bottles so if you wanted to have a couple of drinks with friends you can do so with the 200ml Juno, without having to bring around a large bottle of spirits. Enjoying the evening, and avoiding regret, Jo says.

The idea was also to use the 200ml product to take advantage of seasonal flavours so gin aficionados could try something a bit different. “There’s endless variety, it’s so exciting,” Jo says.

With all going to plan, Juno Gin would launch officially in March 2017, firstly with online sales and then they would move into selling the products on retailers’ shelves. (full article)

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