Young chef’s last foraged berries used in memorial gin

The Foraging Chef - a special gin made by distilling berries gathered by Manuel Rabl and other ingredients from people who knew him.

The tiniest of gin productions has captured the memory of a young chef at a top restaurant who died suddenly in Blenheim in March.

Just ten 200ml bottles of The Foraging Chef exist. The gin was made from kawakawa berries gathered by 25-year-old Swiss chef Manuel Rabl just before he died.

The berries were dried, batch distilled, mixed with other distilled items from friends and blended by Ben Leggett of Essential Distillers.

Only 2 litres could be made because that’s all the New Zealand juniper they had, supplied by forager Melaney Wright, of North Canterbury. The gin had to be pure New Zealand.  (full article)

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