Cod & Lobster specialises in gin

Cod & Lobster specialises in gin.

And why gin was my obvious question?

“It is one of those doors that once it’s open it’s hard to shut,” Nick said.

“There are over 5000 gins on the market worldwide, and we have the world’s largest collection of New Zealand gins and New Zealand’s largest collection of gins, 165 in total.

“There is a place in Singapore that has over 1000 different gins but they don’t have as many New Zealand gins as us.

“The variety gin offers is huge, just like wines are made with different grapes, gin is made from different spirit bases and producers use a wide variety of botanicals to create their individual signature flavour.”

With so many gins from around the world it surprised me to learn his favourite gin is made in Takaka at the Dancing Sands Distillery.

“They age their gin in old rum and new French oak barrels, they blend the two and have hit the sweet spot for the perfect gin.”

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