Jane Walkenhorst turns her love of gin into artisan business Riot & Rose

Riot & Rose’s first bottles hit the shelves in March and already the brand has gained momentum nationwide and piqued interest overseas.

A Marlborough craft gin company which set out to replace “stuffy” rules of how gin should be consumed, with modern vibrancy and fun, has proved a hit with gin drinkers around the country.

Not bad considering Riot & Rose director Jane Walkenhorst decided to delve into the craft gin industry only two-and-a-half years ago, based on the fact that gin was a favourite tipple.

The resulting signature gins, the Rose and the Riot, are based on two distinct eras – the former a nod to the romance and glamour of the 1920s characterised by a soft, delicate floral style and the latter a concoction of bold citrus and spice based on London, 1743, when people rioted in the streets against a tax on gin.

“I thought that was fabulous, a riot dedicated to gin. I just wanted to capture the essence of that time.”

Currently distilled in Nelson, Riot & Rose gin will soon be made in Marlborough in a 3m high Arnold Holstein German copper still which Jane, rather serendipitously, found for sale locally.

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