Reefton Distilling Co. Crowdfunding With Snowball Effect

The following is from the Snowball Effect Crowdfunding Offer.

Our gin will use our neutral spirit infused with botanicals and aromatics featuring both traditional gin flavours (juniper, citrus, orris root, liquorice root) and local botanicals (horopito, manuka, kanuka, kawakawa, lemonwood, ti kouka root, watercress, and harakeke flower) to produce a genuinely unique product reflecting the West Coast region. It will also be available in 3 month barrel aged form, and seasonal summer, autumn, winter and spring releases.

Reefton Distilling Co. is a local startup with a big vision. We aim to be a leading producer of premium spirits in Oceania and to produce the best quality distilled spirits in New Zealand, using locally sourced ingredients. In 2018 we’ll start producing commercial quantities of a premium range of whisky, gin, vodka and liqueurs. All production will take place in a purpose-built distillery right here in Reefton. We’ll begin by selling directly to the New Zealand market through on site sales at our distillery and through our website, as well as selling wholesale to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. We’ll then turn our attention to Australia and beyond.

Our market research has shown us that there is an opportunity to create a true ‘grain to glass’ whisky distillery in New Zealand, an offering which will set us apart from most other players in the local market. The ethos of a grain to glass distillery is to track the entire process from selecting the barley and other grains, harvesting the water, to brewing the wash or distillers beer, to distilling our own spirit and making the all important decision about when to ‘make the cut’ to maximise the flavour profile of the spirit. In this way we can truly craft an authentic spirit. Alongside the whisky we will also produce a premium quality gin – while some other distillers are simply infusing spirit that is a fermented and distilled waste product from the dairy industry (whey ethanol) we will craft a genuine artisan spirit.

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