Gin is in: NZ’s first gin festival comes to Christchurch to meet gin trend

Already sold out, New Zealand’s first gin festival, coming to Christchurch this month, has cemented the trend that gin is back in.

The inaugural GinDulgence Festival will be held in Christchurch this month, showcasing local and international craft gins for 800 gin enthusiasts.

The first 600 tickets for the event sold out within four weeks, and an additional 150 tickets selling out within five hours.

“Gin is certainly very popular and it’s a very accessible spirit. The [New Zealand] gin guys are really excelling in what they’re doing.”

He said the volume craft gin distilleries in New Zealand were producing was still very small, but growing.

“Gin has always been one of the most popular spirits, but the king of the castle is still single malt whisky in terms of volume and premium production.”

He said for Kiwi gin producers, like Curiosity Gin, the point of difference on an international scale was the use of native botanicals.

“There’s no doubt that New Zealand craft distilleries can and are making products that are of high quality with that essence of New Zealand captured in the product itself and how it’s marketed and sold.”

Ten New Zealand gin brands including Rogue Society, Lighthouse Gin and Karven Gin and several local bars will display and test their gins at the boutique-feel GinDulgence festival at Ilam Homestead in Christchurch next Saturday.

Following the positive reactions from the public to the event’s inception, Michalik wanted the festival to be “bigger and better” in Christchurch next year, and to also expand to other centres.

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