It has all happened before and it will all happen again. GIN! It’s Back.

Gin Zealand has been developing over the last few years. It started as a dabble here and there when friends and colleagues would say “we should have a cleansing Gin & Tonic” after having drunk several hop forward IPA’s.

At some point, this passing interest, turn to a curious journey of discovery, which accelerated into a full-blown obsession to try to taste every Gin available in New Zealand.

Along the way, much information was gathered and shared. Here are links back to the early information collected. Some of it is a little dated now, but still interesting. As time allows this information will be updated and presented, in hopefully a more usable format on this Gin Zealand website.

GIN – Made in New Zealand

GIN – New Zealand Distributors & Brands

GIN – Buy Gin Online in New Zealand

GIN – Top 10 New Zealand Made Gin

GIN – Where Do They Make Gin in New Zealand?

GIN – New Zealand Botanicals

GIN – Made in New Zealand


As more people and GIN producers contact us and want to send sample bottles of their GIN, we get asked for an address, so to make it easy here it is:

The physical address for shipping and couriering us GIN:

Gin Zealand
230B Neilson Street
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Gin Zealand
P.O.Box 39234
Auckland 2145
New Zealand

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