Best Places to Drink Gin In New Zealand

This list is live based on feedback from everyone that has an opinion. Once the suggestions stop coming in then this list will be reviewed, and we will come up with an ultimate list.  HAVE YOUR SAY!

The best places to drink Gin in New Zealand are hard to define. There are bars that have the largest selection of Gin. There are bars with the best selection of Gin. There are bars that make the best Gin cocktails. So where do you start?

So the question is “if I were in this town tonight, where would I go for a Gin?

The Gin Room  135 Gins
Love Bucket  65 Gins
– The Cork Gin & Whiskey
– My Bar
– Mea Culpa
– Pilkingtons
– Caretaker
– Jefferson
Cassia   10 Gins, and mind blowing food.

Nomad Food & Wine  Best selection in Tauranga

Wonder Horse   Not an amazing or particularly large selection, but people that care.


Palmerston North
– Brew Union Brewing Company

Malthouse  – 28 Gins (make sure you visit 12th August for a very special Gin surprise)
Avida Bar
– Hawthorn Lounge – Lighthouse Hawthorn Edition Gin, 57.7% abv
– CGR Merchants – Infused Gins
– The Arborist

Cod & Lobster Brassiere   Largest selection of Gin in Nelson. Lots of interesting Gins, and bartenders willing and able to make fantastic gin cocktails.

Whet Drinking Room  151 Gins. Largest selection of Gin in Christchurch, maybe New Zealand, as well as some of the best Gins in New Zealand. A selection that includes Gin’s you can’t get anywhere else in New Zealand.
– Volstead Trading Company  19 Gins. Better known for their ever-changing selection of wonderful New Zealand brewed craft beers. They already know that craft beer drinkers are naturally Gin drinkers too.
– The Last Word   Named after a Gin Cocktail and have a fabulous selection of (mostly Scottish) Gins made by whisky distilleries

Botswana Butchery  The fact they drink menu starts with instructions on how to build your Martini, then a list of Gins available, makes this place a contender. Not the most extensive list, but worth the effort. Great Martinis. Beyond the Gin, the food and service here is amazing. Book ahead to get a table, like several days. (Don’t be fooled, the Auckland location is nowhere as good as Queenstown)

The Blue Door

Zanzibar  111 Gins

I’d love to be challenged on any of the above, and love to find out about new bars and restaurants that have the largest selection, the bestest selection, the rarest Gins. Firstly so I can get there, and secondly, so I can share these places with everyone else that loves GIN!!