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Important Gin Dates For Your 2017 Calendar

If you love Gin as much as we do then you need to add these important dates to your calendar: 27 Feb - 4 March 2017 - East Imperial Gin Jubilee, Auckland 9 April 2017 - International Gin & Tonic Day 5-11 June 2017 - Negroni Week 10 June 2017 - World Gin Day 19 June 2017 - World Martini Day 19 October 2017 - International Gin & Tonic Day October 2017 - TBC - Junipalooza Melbourne November 2017 - TBC - Juniperlooza Melbourne We still have to get to the bottom of why there are two G&T days, but I don't expect anyone to be complaining. If you know of any other dates or events involving Gin please let us...

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What Is The Craft Gin Shop?

The Craft Gin Shop is a place where we will be able to offer you all of the new Gins that are being made in New Zealand. In the last year or so there have been many new Gins arrive on the market in New Zealand. Find out about them can be hard. Not anymore. We are obsessed about Gin, but we still struggle at the best of times to track down these new and exciting Gins. So let us do the hard work in finding them, then we can all drink them together.

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Best Gin Bars In New Zealand 2016

Even though I have been mostly focused on acquiring different bottles of GIN this year, and doing my own tastings and self education, I have made it out to a few bars.I have found that GIN is growing in popularity in New Zealand and several bars have made and effort to either grow their selection of GIN or even make the spirit selection or bar a focus on GIN. Here is a list of GIN bars I have enjoyed so far this year. If you know of others please do share as I would love to check them out. AUCKLAND: The Gin Room – 1st Floor, 12 Vulcan Lane, CBD. Over 80 GINs, and a good selection of different tonics....

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