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Hidden World Chocolate Orange Gin 44% abv


We had an amazingly successful Gin and Chocolate Tasting evening with the beautiful and talented French pastry chef, Claire Guenegan from The Dessert Experience earlier in the year. After tasting many different Gins and chocolates from different origins we had the idea of creating a Chocolate Gin.

We did a number of trials to get the intensity of the chocolate aroma and flavour of the Gin just right. We did find it was a little one dimensional so tried matching it with other botanicals to add a layer of complexity. We tried things such as cardamon, chilli, and cinnamon but it was orange that was the winner on the day. So after several months of getting the recipe just right, we are ready to offer you our new Chocolate Orange Gin. Tastes like Jaffa Thins.

We haven't found a perfect tonic for this Gin as the quinine bitterness seems to clash with the sweet chocolate character. It does seem to work with lemonade.

Or try it as an Espresso Martini with three jaffas (instead of olives).