Top summer cocktails from champion Kiwi mixologist Madeleine Tate

“I love gin, a gin and tonic is one of the best drinks you could ever order, I think,” says Madeleine Tate from across the rosy-pink tiled bar at Kindred, a chic and breezy new eatery in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. Tate is 27, softly spoken and quite different from the showy, waistcoat-wearing, Tom-Cruise-in-Cocktail bottle spinning mixologist […]

Rogue Society putting the tang in artisan gin

Canterbury-based gin producer Rogue Society is shaking up the premium liquor market. Co-founder Daniel McLaughlin weighs in on how important product design is in this competitive retail industry. Rogue Society Gin is a super-premium gin from the bottom of the world. We launched just under three years ago, after two years of development. We’ve always had a […]

Hi-Spirits to distribute New Zealand’s Scapegrace Gin

Distilled by Rogue Society Distilling Co, Scapegrace is made from spring water sourced from the country’s Southern Alps and 12 botanicals from around the world. Its name is a traditional word for rogue or rascal, and incorporates gin’s “murky history” with a black-tinted bottle – a shape based on an antique genever bottle. Hi-Spirits managing […]

Gin distilleries on the rise in New Zealand, Reid+Reid new kids on the block

Gin is – according to those in the industry – on the up and up in New Zealand. Both Kiwi and international consumers are growing very fond of gin, making it a great industry to delve into. Reid+Reid co-founder Chris Reid said gin was “massive” in the US, Australia and the United States. “New Zealand still hasn’t […]

Best Gin Bars In New Zealand 2016

Even though I have been mostly focused on acquiring different bottles of GIN this year, and doing my own tastings and self education, I have made it out to a few bars. I have found that GIN is growing in popularity in New Zealand and several bars have made and effort to either grow their […]

Tasting Navy Strength Gin In New Zealand

This week we did a tasting of the Navy Strength Gins we have. Since they are very strong I would suggest we try this again in a month or so, and possibly do it blind to see if we can replicate these results. The standout was Perry’s Tot, with its bold and punchy character. The […]

Jo James declares gin business a possible conflict of interest

A Taranaki District Health Board candidate who is setting up a gin distillery says she’s aware of the possible conflict of interest. But Jo James says not all conversations about alcohol and health have to be negative. James and her husband David are establishing New Plymouth’s very own gin distillery, Begin Distilling, and hope to […]

Time To Drink More Gin In New Zealand

Since starting an Instagram account in the last month I have been sampling more gin. Just for the photos, and flavours of course. I have found this a fun way to share the journey and discovery of gin with others. Check me out at I want to blog more but find at the end […]

Trinidad and Tobago calls champion New Zealand cocktail maker

On February 2 the Englishman is jetting to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island country off the coast of Venezuela. There he will compete in the Angostura Global Cocktail, competing alongside some of the best bartenders in the world for US$10,000. Born and raised in London, Attfield now lives in Eden Terrace. He arrived in […]

Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition – DUTY FREE FAIL

 Back in May when coming back through duty free at Auckland International Airport I came across a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition. At the time Star of Bombay had just been released and it looked very much like this bottle I ended up purchasing. I asked the guy at the duty free store if […]