Essential businesses during Alert Level 4

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Essential businesses during Alert Level 4

The online sale and contactless delivery of alcohol (including spirits) is permitted under the following conditions:

  • Licensees that had existing delivery operations before Level 4 came into effect can continue with their delivery businesses.
  • Licensees that did not have existing delivery operations before Level 4 came into effect and now wish to start delivery should discuss their plans and licence type and conditions with their local licensing body before starting delivery operations.
  • Licensees must meet the requirements for remote sales, including verifying the age of the buyer and that alcohol is not delivered after 11pm or before 6am (or any further time restrictions set out in the licence).
  • Licensees must comply with all requirements of the Act, your licence and any conditions or restrictions.
  • The agreed quantity for spirits purchased must be no more than the customs/duty free allowance which is three bottles (or other containers) of spirits or liqueur (each bottle or container can hold a maximum of 1.125 litres) per order.