Puhoi Organic Distillery

Comodores Reserve Gin

Limited Edition Batch (100 bottles only). All Natural ingredients , including selected organic berries and spices. The high-quality grain alcohol is first of all thoroughly purified by special unique technology, and then distilled with the selected botanicals.

Bohemian Dry Gin

Infused with the relaxed homely atmosphere of the Puhoi Historical Bohemian Village and the old Puhoi Pub. Bohemian Dry Gin was created with the involvement of the gin experts and connoisseurs from the Puhoi Pub. This is why Bohemian Dry Gin delights the senses with the subtle yet recognizable exotic notes not found in other gins: Manuka flowers, feijoa blossom and other botanicals grown in the spray-free Puhoi valley. I handcraft my small batches of Gin (no more than 70 bottles per batch) without any haste using my original technologies that I have perfected during many years of experiments.