12 Gins Tasting Pack (+ 7 Tonics) - GinZealand
12 Gins Tasting Pack (+ 7 Tonics) - GinZealand

12 Gins Of Christmas Pack (+ 7 Tonics)


The 12 Gins of Christmas Tasting Pack from Hidden World Gin, is our biggest seller. Now updated with new Gins including Chocolate Orange Gin

This pack has been made even better and includes the 7 bottle tasting sampler pack from East Imperial Tonics. It also comes with tasting notes and suggested Gin & Tonic matches

Watch the unboxing video to see what's inside.

So you get :

HIDDEN WORLD GINS: 12 x 50ml bottles
Chocolate Orange Gin - brand NEW
Feijoa Gin - new 2019 batch

Pink Gin - Floral & Raspberry  - NEW!!
Citrus Gin - Whole NZ Lemons, Limes & Oranges - 2019 Now Available
Chilli Gin - Carolina Reaper Chilli - Great for Bloody Marys
Palo Santo Gin - Wood from the sacred tree in South America
Guardian Gin - Kawakawa & Horopito
Floral Gin - Rose, Lavender, Pineapple & Lemongrass
Cucumber Gin - Cucumber, Coriander & Citrus - GOLD MEDAL
Navy Gin - Sage & Thyme, 60% abv NZ's strongest locally made Gin
Oriental Gin - Cardamom, Clove & Sichuan Pepper
Hot Cross Bun GinNutmeg, Cinnamon & dried fruits

Burma Tonic
Old World Tonic
Grapefruit Tonic
Yuzu Tonic
Thai Dry Ginger Ale
Mombasa Ginger Beer
Superior Soda Water

NO TONIC - 12 Gins Tasting Pack

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