St George Triple Pack - 3 x 200ml Samplers - GinZealand

St George Triple Pack - 3 x 200ml Samplers


Sample three amazing Gins from Californian Distillery St George. These have just arrive in New Zealand and no one has them yet. Be first to try them before they run out. There is a limited number, and we might sell all of them before Monday.

Wonderful on their own, but as a set of three—a mini gin tasting flight, if you will—they illustrate the distillers’ artistry and sense of expression, and display the potential for craft distillers to put their own personal stamp of their spirits.
 — Drink Me

It’s hard to choose one standout from this California spirit line, so we won’t even try. — Food & Wine

Each of these is a great gift, but the whole set? That would be a knockout. — Chow

The three gins have real star quality and from a flavour perspective, they are pushing the frontier and challenging preconceptions around gin at every turn. — Ask Men UK

For distillers with imagination and a creative bent, gin is a playground that begs for experimentation in both ingredients and technique.

As we explored the edges of this delightful category, we realized we needed to make at least three gins to fully express our love for this spirit!

Linked by our passion for both the art and craft of distillation—and our desire to say something new through the language of gin—Botanivore Gin, Terroir Gin, and Dry Rye Gin each help define the dynamic range of this eloquent spirit.