Best Gin Bars In New Zealand 2016

Even though I have been mostly focused on acquiring different bottles of GIN this year, and doing my own tastings and self education, I have made it out to a few bars. I have found that GIN is growing in popularity in New Zealand and several bars have made and effort to either grow their […]

Tasting Navy Strength Gin In New Zealand

This week we did a tasting of the Navy Strength Gins we have. Since they are very strong I would suggest we try this again in a month or so, and possibly do it blind to see if we can replicate these results. The standout was Perry’s Tot, with its bold and punchy character. The […]

Time To Drink More Gin In New Zealand

Since starting an Instagram account in the last month I have been sampling more gin. Just for the photos, and flavours of course. I have found this a fun way to share the journey and discovery of gin with others. Check me out at I want to blog more but find at the end […]

Trinidad and Tobago calls champion New Zealand cocktail maker

On February 2 the Englishman is jetting to Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island country off the coast of Venezuela. There he will compete in the Angostura Global Cocktail, competing alongside some of the best bartenders in the world for US$10,000. Born and raised in London, Attfield now lives in Eden Terrace. He arrived in […]

Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition – DUTY FREE FAIL

 Back in May when coming back through duty free at Auckland International Airport I came across a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition. At the time Star of Bombay had just been released and it looked very much like this bottle I ended up purchasing. I asked the guy at the duty free store if […]